Less is More

An Everyday Kampf

I’ve reached a point, a point I’ve been at for a little while now, where I’m trying to simplify my life. This includes cutting out negative aspects as well as unnecessary ones. It’s impossible to move forward when you’re carrying a lot of weight. So, it’s time to let go.

Emotional baggage is one of the heaviest burdens. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish why exactly we’re maintaining this bitterness, and sometimes there is no answer. Sometimes there is no resolution. Sometimes you have to dig really hard, for a really long time, to find it in yourself somewhere to let go of it for the simple fact that it’s weighing you down and holding you back. Not every mistake comes with an apology, and not every problem has a solution. At some point you realize you are going to be better off without it. You have to give yourself your…

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“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

An Everyday Kampf

Again, it’s been a while, no excuses, I just haven’t been keeping up like I should.

I finished The Chamber of Secrets, as well as The Prisoner of Azkaban, a few weeks ago, so this post is dedicated to (probably) my favorite quote from this book. Like my post from Book One, I’ve always been fond of this piece of Dumbledore’s wisdom ever since the movie came out.

It’s relatively straight-forward and is more of a general statement rather than something I apply to one particular area of my life. However, I can relate it to my life right now, and I guess I’ll go ahead and elaborate on that.

Within the past couple of months, I’ve finished writing my first feature-length script, unedited, moved into a new house, and started a second job. With plans to move to California in January, I’ve been overwhelmed with lack of accomplishment. My…

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So I finally managed to sleep early today. I went to sleep at 11 pm, when I usually go to sleep at 3-4 am. I’m so glad I finally did it! I’m proud of myself! It’s been too much of sleeping late. Who knows how messed up my health already is. I told this to my counselor and she congratulated me. She also told me I need to start taking more care about myself. I really like going to my counselor. She tells me the things I need to work on to become a better person and she helps me out with any issues I have. She told me that sometimes, I need to put myself first and she told me that I need to start figuring out why I make decisions. I think she’s right. Well, to talk more about my life (hahaha), she told me it’s good to keep a blog where I express things and my goals. So that’s what I’m going to do here from now on!!! 🙂 I guess it will be a sort of diary thing. I already know the first goal I will write about. Well, first two goals. Haha!


Na na na! 

Stuck in the city 

The wind flying towards the country beckons me. 

So baby 

Come on 

Let’s go! 

Na na na! 

Soaring like the free gale. 

Nothing gets in our way. 

Born free. 

We were born free. 

So let’s fly together 

And break from these chains.

Na na na!

End of the World

I found you
Standing by yourself for so long.
Having been pushed so far away.
The cold edge of the world is a lonely place
But I’ll journey there
Walk there
Crawl there
Through storm and ice.
Find you time and time again
So that you won’t have to be alone anymore.

No more tears
Because I’ll hold you at the edge of the world.